Prácticas en AZIERTA

JHOAN CAMILO PEÑA MOLINA, ASIR2, and JUAN MARÍA URRUTIA BAILLY-BAILLIERE AF2 are the students who are doing their FCT in Azierta.

AZIERTA is a global and comprehensive consulting company with a focus on Science and Health with four levels of customer service: scientific, industrial, technological and health management.

The Azierta team is composed of around 100 professionals with extensive experience in multiple types of service and product offerings. With offices located in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Bogota, they also work with a network of international alliances to provide their portfolio of services and products throughout the world.

More than 500 clients from the national and international levels have placed their trust in Azierta, also developing projects in more than 50 countries.

Azierta researches and develops global solutions throughout the life cycle of the products, including areas such as Pharmacovigilance and Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Technology and Innovation, Market Access, Due Diligence and Audits.