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This weather station is located at (YOUR CITY), and has been broadcasting on the Internet since <#recordsbegandate>.

I maintain this web site on a voluntary basis and the site provides online weather data for my local area. The site's weather information is updated every <#interval>, and is available 24/7.

The data provided on the site is collected by using the following weather station :

Equipment :

Broadcasting :

Weather station <#stationtype> Weather software Cumulus v<#version> (<#build>)
Computer <#CpuName> Weather template Weather by You!
  <#OsVersion> Design In obscuro

Contact :

To communicate with us, you could use the following email adress :


Our Web affiliations

<#location> is broadcasted also on following International weather networks :

Personnal Weather Stations Weather Underground Weather Observations Website Citizen Weather Observer Program Automatic Packet Reporting System WeatherBug